About Us – Free Online Car Boot Sale Community

Tony Marshall from Berkshire build this website in 2016 to help communities in the United Kingdom buy and sell with no middle man costs involved. This is a free car boot sale community for online buying and selling. Our aim is to help you and your community in every way we possibly can.

You will not be charged anything for selling and buying in your county. Local small business and charities get free advertising. If your interest in some free advertising, please contact us and we will get back you within 24 hours. The webmaster reviews every post and approval will be within 24 hours.

About Us - The UK's Biggest Free Online Car Boot SalePosts will be accepted by:

  • Private Individuals.
  • Families.
  • Small local businesses. (Advertisement Included)
  • Local charities. (Advertisement Included)
  • Car boot sale events. (Advertisement Included)

Post will not be accepted by:

  • Corporations.
  • Large companies.
  • Spam.
  • If you advertise another website.
  • If it’s not relevant.

About Us – The UK’s Biggest Free Online Car Boot Sale.

Tony created free online car boot sale to avoid fee’s buying and selling locally. Because he believes that no one should have to pay just to sell in your area. Unlike most car boot websites, we don’t ask users to register. That’s one of the many good things about us.

We have no interest in selling any data to any third party companies either. This website was build with peoples interests first. If you have any suggestion to help improve the community. We would be happy to hear from you.

Free Car Boot Sale can be found on social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter. We provide many different ways to keep up-to-date with new posts in your county.