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Buy and sell online UK with the largest virtual free car boot sale second hand marketplace community. We have car boot sales operating 24/7 in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and more. It’s free to register and no fees when you make a sale.

All classified listings are automatically & locally published on Facebook giving you the best chances of selling your second-hand items. This feature is enabled for all registered users.

Our buying and selling marketplace also support local businesses, car boot organisers and charities. Feel free to publish your goods, services and events.

Buy And Sell Online UK Second Hand Marketplace

Local Buying & Selling Online UK

Buy and sell second-hand items locally in your area for free. Start your search today and find a bargain in your area. If you find something you would like to buy, simply contact the seller via our website or phone. To get the seller details, buyers will need to register for a free account. Sellers can start listing your second-hand items on our marketplace. Use the "Post Ad" button below to start selling.

It’s simple and quick to start using our local online boot sales. If you are looking to sell your unwanted second-hand items, you will need to register and follow the steps. Click on “Online Car Boots” to start browsing used products for sale locally in your area.

We are also a registered retailer in the United Kingdom working with big and small suppliers all over the country. Our online community shop sell brand-new products at bargain prices. Top brands at low prices with no minimum spend and free UK delivery.

All products purchased from our shop comes with a 14-day return policy upon delivery confirmation.

If you are a UK supplier, manufacture or wholesaler. Feel free to Contact Us regarding your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell For Free?

Yes, People, businesses and charities can list used products with no fee's even if the user buys or the item is sold. Users are required to sign up for a free account.

Can I Buy For Free?

Yes, People, businesses and charities can purchase products with no fee's Users are required to sign up for a free account.

How Do I Buy?

It's simple, message the seller and arrange to collect the item or get them to deliver to you. Any funds exchanged is arranged between the buyer and seller. Check Covid-19 Guidelines in your area. Online Car Boot Sale Limited is not liable for any mis-selling, scams and cash transactions of any type.

How Do I Sell?

It's simple and quick, Sign up for a free account, follow the steps and take a picture to start selling locally.

Why is my county not listed?

We are happy to expand our online car boot sale community if your area has not been added. Simply Contact Us and let us know and we get your area added in 24 hours.

Do You Sell Brand New Products?

Yes, Simply visit our Community Shop and start browsing. All products are UK stock and we only deliver to UK addresses. 14 Day Return Policy for all brand new products purchased in our Community Shop.

Is It Secure?

Yes, Free Car Boot Sale is secure and safe. We don't share your personal information with anyone.

Online Buying And Selling Sites

What makes our second hand marketplace unique to all the other online buying and selling sites?

eBay UK – When you have unwanted stuff to sell online, a lot of people turn to eBay, and they will charge sellers up to 13% on the final sale value plus a listing fee. They also display adverts on their marketplace, although it’s a paid platform!

Amazon – Again very similar to eBay but they charge slightly more than eBay when you sell.

Free Buy And Sell Apps – These can work great and best of all, you won’t get charged anything for selling online locally. Buyers will even arrange to collect which is very handy when selling bulky furniture. These free buying and selling UK apps all have the same common issue for buyers and sellers. They are covered with adverts no matter where you go. This decreases the chances of selling due to adverts showing similar items on other selling websites, and they do this on seller listings.

What Makes Online Car Boot Sale’s second hand marketplace different to all the other online buying and selling sites and mobile apps?

There is no surprise to say we are another free buy and sell online marketplace just like all the others mentioned above. But, we will not display adverts on your listings or anywhere on our marketplace. This also includes our mobile app being completely advertisement free. All second hand items listed on our marketplace will be automatically promoted on social media and more.

Users can register or login very quickly using your Facebook or Gmail account.