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Kinderkraft Tiger Fly Toddler Tricycle Baby Trike 9 Months – 5 Years Grey



Kinderkraft Tiger Fly Tricycle – Grey

The Kinderkraft Fly Tricycle is suitable from 9 months up to 5 years. The Tricycle has gone through numerous regulations making it possible to transport both younger and older children. All elements are removable and configurable to suit both you and your child’s needs. You can easily adjust FLY to the age and motor skills of your little one! The Fly tricycle has a 2 way facing seat allowing you to position the seat either forward or backwards depending on the age of the child. Initially, you have a toddler’s eye on you, but then it is your child who sets the direction of the ride by observing the world around them. Just click on one button and you’re done!

The bicycle also features large, unbreakable wheels made of EVA foam that will work well on any surface. FLY can easily overcome high curbs and uneven surfaces. And with the free wheel function, the little explorer can pedal, but you choose the direction. You steer your bike until your child starts riding on their own. You can adjust the height of the handle to your height. You don’t have to slouch or feel uncomfortable! What’s important, it’s very easy to dismantle making it easy to pack away for those long trips.

Safety is ensured by 2-point belts with an additional stepping belt and a barrier that prevents your child from accidentally sliding out of the bike. In addition, the possibility of its opening, making it easier to insert and remove smaller children. The high backrest provides a stable position for the spine and head of the Toddler. Rear-wheel brakes increase safety when stationary and when putting your baby on and off the tricycle.

The must-have Tricycle!

  1. Colour: Grey.
  2. From: 9months to 5 years (up to 25 kg).
  3. Swivel Seat.
  4. 3-stage handle height.
  5. Free-wheel function (the child can pedal independently of the person moving the bicycle).
  6. Removable protection bar.
  7. Rear-wheel brakes.
  8. EVA Foam wheels.
  9. Large, foldable roof with airy mesh at the rear.
  10. Includes a bell, cup holder and a large shopping basket.
  11. Compliant with the European Standard EN 71-1.
  12. Size: L125cm x W48cm x H110cm
  13. Product weight: 9 kg
  14. Wheel diameter: front: 25 cm (10″), rear: 20 cm (8”)